Michael Lemmon

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About the visual

My dog Moe came to live with me five years ago. He is a rescue dog from a small community in the Yukon. When I first met him, it was an instant connection. He came running over to me and immediately rolled over so I could scratch his stomach. He became my best friend. When my husband (still my boyfriend back then) met him the next year, I watched that instant connection start all over again. Now they are inseparable. It’s a beautiful thing to watch, even if I am now his second-favourite person. What matters most is that he has the best life we can give him. This image perfectly captures what their relationship looks like in my eyes. I’ve never been so happy to be this jealous.

Same evening, different view

Michael Lemmon

Michael is a nature photographer and environmental policy advisor based in Yukon, Canada. He draws inspiration from the deep connection that exists between people and wild spaces, and works to capture the emotional impact of those landscapes.

Michael is on Instagram (@michaelkdlemmon)