Michael Hoyland

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About the visual

This photo was taken on a balmy summer evening looking out along the coastal path at Seaford Head on the south coast of the UK. It was one of those evenings with a beautiful dusky light that made it feel impossible to take a bad photo.

About Michael Hoyland

I’m a South East UK based photographer with an inescapable urge to travel. I would describe my style of photography as a kind of embellished curation; a selection of scenes and details edited to produce images that have a somewhat dreamlike quality or a sense of heightened realism. I’m passionate about cinema, and in particular neo-noir, which has had a big influence on my work. I often find myself drawn to scenes with a clean, simple composition and deep, rich tones that have a cinematic quality to them.

Michael Hoyland is on Instagram (@hoylandvisual)
Michael has a website (www.hoylandvisual.com)