David Nieves

Instagram – @d_nievs

About the visual

This photo was taken during a very special trip to Mt. Desert Island off the Northern Coast of Maine. After being disappointed initially by an over-crowded light house we decided to drive off into the sunset and stumbled upon this solitary view right off the road. I was able to soak in this soft light reflecting back off the water like a sheet of glass. Then the whole scene transformed through a full spectrum of colors you would only dream of from an East Coast sunset. It’s moments like these, the unexpected magic that I try to open myself to experience and capture in my work and my daily life.

About David Nieves

David is a self taught Photographer based on the East Coast. Lately his focus has been on personal projects and rediscovering a passion for expressive images.

David Nieves is on Instagram (@d_nievs)
David has his own website (www.dwnieves.com)