Kristen Turner MacDonald

Instagram – @the.great.unwashed

About the visual

This fall we went paddling and hiking up in Strathcona Provincial Park, which is a few hours north of where we are living on Vancouver Island. Fall in this part of the world is magical – the leaves are vibrant, the sunsets have moody fog and glow, and they are conveniently earlier in the day so you don’t spend all of your sunset time being cold and hungry. Excellent.

About Kristen (and Eric)

The Great Unwashed are Eric MacDonald and Kristen Turner, travel photographers from opposite sides of the world. Last year they packed up their lives in Australia and took the (very) long road to Eric’s home country, Canada, so they could go on adventures around Vancouver Island and the west coast. Kristen teaches French and photography and Eric teaches outdoor adventures at at boarding school, and every break they get they travel somewhere new. They share a passion for back-country hiking, photography and snacking (possibly not in that order), and love how photography has taught them to chase the light, be patient, and spend more time just watching.

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