Appreciate and support great visuals. It would be a hollow statement without us sharing great visuals made by talented artists. So that is what we do! We don’t just share visuals, we carefully pick out work by inspiring artists. Work that has something appealing to the eye and mind. 

Because of the internet and in particular Instagram it has become easier to show work to a lot of people. This is great! But so many people are on Instagram these days that you actually have to be good at the “Instagram game” to get some response. Just being good at photography and making great visuals that are appealing to the eye and mind will not always result in great response. We see so many great photographers on Instagram just not getting the same response compared to people who just know how to play the game of Instagram that we decided to support those whom we feel deserve more response. We look for quality and tend to share that with our growing community of followers.

We don’t want to rely on Instagram alone. It’s a great platform but it has it’s limitations. The quality of an uploaded photo for instance is greatly reduced. Also the size of the images is just not doing all photos justice. On our website we want to overcome those problems. We will select a lucky few to be on our website. We will share visuals appealing to the eye and mind by inspiring and talented artist. We hope you like what we do. 

Keep inspiring, keep making great visuals and support quality!