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Kristen Turner MacDonald
This fall we went paddling and hiking up in Strathcona Provincial Park, which is a few hours north of where
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David Nieves
This photo was taken during a very special trip to Mt. Desert Island off the Northern Coast of Maine. After
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Michael Hoyland
This photo was taken on a balmy summer evening looking out along the coastal path at Seaford Head on the
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Chase Burnett
This was taken on the coast of Washington. A short stop along the way of a 16,000 mile road trip
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Michael Lemmon
My dog Moe came to live with me five years ago. He is a rescue dog from a small community
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Caitlin Fullam
My favorite part about this sleepy cabin-studded village was watching its residents, all scientists and students, leave their homes at
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Valentina Matelli
This photo was taken early in the morning during a trekking session near the Braies Lake. My dog, in search
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Mason Douglas
This photo was taken on the Oregon Coast during sunset. Earlier in the same evening, I met with a photographer
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Sean Jablon
I took this photo a few hours after my initial landing in San Francisco. After an obligatory stop at In-N-Out
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Nancy Quach
I strive to spread my love for Nature through capturing the essence of Life and snippets of Her many facets
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Ines Perkovic
Ines Perkovic
The photo was taken on August 13th, 2012. in the croatian coastal town of Karlobag. I wanted to capture calm
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Jeroen Verhulst
This photo was taken on a rainy day. The weather hadn't been good for days but I decided to go
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